Design Approach

We believe that in order for our clients to be successful their projects must endure the ravages time and stylistic change. In order to create and add true value in our clients’ projects we design to those core elements of design that are timeless: scale proportion, culture, market, and permanence.

This design culture is dependant upon a truly collaborative approach with our clients.Understanding a project’s specific challenges and then applying the most skilled resources to attain the most creative solutions is our process. Along the way the design vision is not lost in the hand-off from one discipline to another. Project teams are brought together that specialize on a particular building type. These experts then follow the project all of the way through the design process. Each team will have specialized design, technical and construction management personnel dedicated to the project.

Our extensive historical knowledge of building detailing allows us to design to any building character required without becoming trite or false in our approach. This track record of architectural detailing also has lead to a number of award-winning designs that, years later, continue to meet our clients’ demands. Our knowledge of the construction process gives us insight that permeates the building designs and construction documents we produce.

We also employ a systematic methodology to the actual formation of each individual building or interior design. From the beginning each design is crafted through a threedimensional process utilizing hand sketches, 3D software, and models. This approach yields a more complete final product that is much more interesting and exciting. Since we live in a three-dimensional world it is incumbent on us to use our talents to design our clients’ very important facilities and spaces with all of our senses and brain cells.

Design Services include:
  • Conceptual Design
  • Schematic Design
  • CAD renderings and modeling
  • Watercolor renderings
  • Materials packages

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